their kingdom
sunset in the woods
fog mountain
sunstreaks in the fog, mendo hills – hdr
frey winery pond
sunset over the pacific with fog coming in
sunset over the pacific
sunset over pacific from mendocino county hills
creek falls – hdr photography
small falls
creek bottom
russian river, mendo county
birch lake, california
yosemite’s forest floor – hdr potography
yosemite park – hdr photography
yosemite’s mirror lake
chamberlain park jackson state forest, california
dunes to the pacific
valley barn
yosemite’s tenaya canyon – hdr
yosemite half dome – hdr
yosemite half dome in tenaya canyon – hdr
moonrise over bay bridge in november
palace of fine arts in san francisco – hdr
wenty (boyscott lake) over looking willits valley
lavenders over ukiah valley
half moon over mendo county
october sunset at pete’s
sunset from pete’s in october
duncan peak near hopland, california
pacific coast
n.w. sonoma county coast
mendo hills on mtn. view rd. – hdr
mendo county coast – hdr
flying with pete over mendo county
forest from above
buddhist temple “odiyan” – n. w. sonoma county
dale’s place in rock tree canyon
falls 2 – hdr
the pacific near the town mendocino
chuck’s pond – hdr
chuck’s sheep ranch by the eel river – hdr
vineyard n. 101
old redwood stump
flower mill, sacramento valley
persico ranch
deep in the redwoods – hdr photography
oak hills – hdr photography
lake mendocino – hdr photography
view from sherwood road 1 mile from willits – hdr photography
sunset at kirk’s
full harvest moon rising – taken from ray’s
oak pond
full harvest moon rising – taken from ray’s
down in the woods – pano
sunset from pete’s
fetzer’s tree – hdr photography
sunrise from kirk’s backyard – hdr phtography
willits from above looking west
rock reflection – hdr photography
vineyard near willits
squaw rock & rock worshiper
kirk’s view to the pacific, sunset – hdr
lake coeur d’alene, idaho
our winter home
willits’ little lake valley
full moon rising over mendo county
fetzer land – hdr
sunset from pete’s to the pacific
my house
aerial photo of the beach n. of ft. bragg, california